loving barefoot fox walking in the woods Cilgerran

May and shoes are off

Slowing us all down, fox walking along sunlit paths through coppiced  sycamore, hazel and ash,  noticing tracks, burrows and poos left by other creatures. A weasel?

Making beautiful nature observation books

Keeping a nature observation scrap book has helped me learn the names of creatures, bees and plants, taking note when I first noticed them. We started this activity early in spring at Nature ranger when I purchased a scrap book and we began recording what we saw and heard each session. We have seen celandine and wood sorrel, come and go, blue bells, greater wood rush  and cleavers grow, early purple orchids bloom and  wood speedwell scatter about the paths.    It opens up the world right in front of us. Children at nature ranger spent time copying images of butterflys and birds to put on their covers.