Camouflage & tracks in the mud, smoke & fire, song lines and stories

Everyone has a go at:

Lighting and keeping the fire going, stirring the pot, flipping the pitta, chopping up veg ! yes veg for the stir fry.


Sessions often have a theme that provide a focus for experience and skill development.

Rhythm/ sound & song lines

trying out clapping rhythms and then in a small group device a song line which is a rap/poem with rhythm you  create about a place, you remember it to then sing to others to share the information.

Children had a choice of making an easy xylophone or rattle. They all sounded wonderful.

Blobsters, creatures, places and stories

Recently on a very cold day a child told a spell binding story full of creatures that stopped all the children in their tracks.  We had played games and introduced ideas that supported this to happen.

Time for free play with materials and then see what happens.


Den making &

finding things, listening, taking turns, leading, being silly, noises, movements, expression and connection.

Making nature observation pictures gets us all looking at whats around us and the ever changing environment.