Rock pools: seaweeds & creatures, construction play & balance at the woods

Recent images showing:

  • Using tools and equipment, like this draw knife and shave horse to work on a spatula

  • using a hatchet to take off wood to sculpt the shape you want – excellent use of the hatchet here!

    Making a factory using imagination and bits of wood found all around them, children were immersed in play and  construction.


Tag teams, to identify leaf shapes 

  • constructing an assault course with places to: balance & climb under, over & across, carry items. Learning to give a hand. 

  • Children constructed a rope walk the longest yet!  it stretched from place to place through the woods , by burrows, hillocks,  areas thick with ferns, trees stumps, ditches & pathways. 

making lunch :learning to: grate, chop, fry slice, mix,  wash up.


 A bright day to enjoy our first beach session on the vast expanse of Poppit sands in early May

  We identified: seaweeds: gut weed, sea Lettuce, Cladophora, dabber locks, egg wrack, Bladder wrack. Shells : limpets, barnacle, mussel, winkle, common cockle.

  Beadlet anemone & shrimp