Coppice Wood College


Coppicewood College promotes, supports sustainable woodland management and runs courses using traditional methods and tools. These affordable courses cover all aspects of coppice practice, hedgelaying and coppice craft in our own woodland in Pengelli woods, Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Coppicewood College provides training in woodland based traditional rural skills and related crafts. Now is the time to consider the opportunity of planning to come on one of our established short courses or our part time 6 month Woodland Skills Course (see below) . These start in September and carry on throughout the winter. Though we do now run some craft courses during the summer months.


Woodland Skills Course.

Especially relevant for people interested in a career in woodland working.

A 6month, structured comprehensive, sustainable woodland management course leading to potential employment opportunities in rural areas.

Please have a look at the students blog on the website as it will give you a real flavour of the course contents and the woodland, just click the link on the right hand panel of this page. Check out the short film on this page made by one of our students on a previous course.

We look forward to hearing from you. Remember this is a life changing course and will lead to the future you want for yourself. Exciting isn’t it !!!!