Tracking and revelling in the fine details of nature

Finding letters in the woods

Working in teams, moving through the wooded lanes in the winter sunshine. We are seeking wooden letters that make up birds names. Everything is lit up and glorious,  we find mosses, fungus and the tracks of badger. 


A parent and volunteer at nature ranger (must have a DBS) sharing his interest in lichen and tracking.

Using hatchets and creating sculptural shapes 

The children are making their own unique sculptural pieces: finding materials that interest them and then working to put them together. Below a child safely uses uses a hatchet to take off wood to make a point on her stick.

This Saturday February 18th is the last one with Tracy until she returns from her travels in April. This Saturday, we will continue with sculpture and make pancakes which was the children’s request.

Week off 25th February

 Dates:  Start back:  4th March, 11th, 18th, 1st April, 8th April