schools1We provide; structured, creative sessions that are flexible in content and can incorporate:

  • curriculum development
  • gardening / woodland skills
  • nature knowledge
  • permaculture, sustainable design in action, useful in all circumstances
  • creativity and self –expression, including art, dance and drama
  • confidence building and improving self- esteem

Children can:

  • Gather, saw and bundle wood
  • light a fire (with a fire strike) boil a kettle and cook simple food safely
  • Learn to use tools safely and make things
  • Learn to plant and maintain a woodland garden
    (Forest garden only)
  • Play games using their senses, imagination, sounds and movement
  • Make stories, songs and poetry
  • Work in teams, pairs and alone
  • Go gathering, finding, hunting and eat fruit
  • make maps, designs and drawings
  • look and learn about birds, insects, fungi, trees & wild flowers
  • charcoal making (coppice college only)
  • DSCF7024

Please go to our Policies page to download our policy documents.